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The high school has a mycableone vulnerable aged 15-18 years can be said to represent a transition from childhood to adulthood or more often we are mycableone  familiar with the term adolescence. Adolescence is a transitional stage leading to a higher status, namely status as adults. Based on the theory of development, adolescence is a time when the rapid changes, including fundamental changes in cognitive, emotional, social and achievements (Fagan, 2006).

Often we see a lot of crimes committed mainly by teenagers in high school, and whether it is purely their mistake ?. The occurrence of a rapid change that can be said is, whether the changes come from within the individual adolescent and individual changes from outside (the environment) can often lead to conflict, anxiety and a sense of dependence. Conflicts often occur in adolescents could also be due to emotional instability is still not fully controlled completely, so no wonder they will have trouble and worry in determining the direction of a way of life in the future. The feeling is still unstable can also create a sense of dependency on others because of their disability. Dependency properties that is accompanied by anxiety can harm teens themselves, vzwpix when they need something to rely on their own but still suffer from anxiety in his feelings are likely to make them fall into the negative things. These times can be considered as the storm for a time, where there will be a major reshuffle of his life, so that in this phase really takes the role of parents, teachers, the role of the environment, and the role of peers to lead him into the realm of positive of life. Giving counseling to the youth about the stages of development is very important to ensure that not one step.